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Giving Back

Lottus was founded to provide services that help others grow their business and make their lives easier. We established early on that providing these services was not only to create a successful company but to also give back to our neighbors and community. Lottus is proud to support these local organizations:

Urban Peak

Urban Peak is the only non-profit organization in Denver that provides a full convergence of services solely focused on one of the most vulnerable populations in our community: youth ages 15 through 24 who are experiencing homelessness.


To move from homelessness to safety and stability, youth require intensive, strengths-based case management; access to physical, mental, and behavioral health care; education and employment opportunities; 24/7 crisis support; and a place to call home.


Urban Peak meets youth where they are at and ignites a spark that puts them on a path toward self-determined, fulfilled lives.

Learn more about Urban Peak's critical work or get help now.

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