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Floor Mopping

Revitalize Your Surfaces with Our Exceptional Floor Care Services

Welcome to Lottus Services, your trusted provider of commercial cleaning and janitorial services. At Lottus Services, we specialize in providing high-quality floor care services to keep your business premises looking their best.

Floor Care

We Help You Maintain A Clean Floor

Leveraging the latest techniques and technologies, our highly trained and experienced professionals deliver outstanding results through our comprehensive floor care services. Our services encompass floor stripping, waxing, buffing, and polishing, aimed at not only ensuring cleanliness but also promoting well-maintained and durable floors.

Recognizing the unique care each type of flooring demands, we customize our floor care solutions to cater to your specific requirements. Whether dealing with hardwood, tile, vinyl, or carpet, our expertise and top-notch equipment are primed to rejuvenate your floors, restoring their inherent beauty and luster."

Our Cleanin Service

Your Clean Business, Is Our Business


"Lottus As Experience"

Cleaning Company in Denver, CO 

Experienced Team 

Trust our trained professionals for unparalleled cleaning services, ensuring your areas shines.

Easy Appointment Booking

Real-time availability and instant estimates are just a few clicks away.

Insured & Licenced

Lottus Services values your trust. Our rigorous hiring process ensures only reliable & thoroughly professionals 


We prioritize clear communication for top-notch service, providing user-friendly channels to maintain high standards.

Premiun Hard Floor & Restoration 


Tailored to your needs 

Our experienced team provides professional hard floor cleaning and restoration, guaranteeing a perfect, glossy finish for your floors. We tailor our cleaning strategies to the unique needs of each floor type, ensuring exceptional results while preventing any damage.


We serve a variety of floor types and use eco-friendly cleaning products for a gentle yet effective treatment. Trust our professional service to protect your flooring investment and prolong the lifespan of your floors.


Rejuvenate Floors 

we restore your floors. Even if your hard floors have suffered wear and tear over the years, revealing scuffs, stains, or discolouration, we can rejuvenate them. Most floors can be effectively restored, eliminating the need for replacement.

In the event that your floors require replacement, our honest, transparent advice will guide you on the most optimal course of action. Our goal is to help you maximize the lifespan of your hard floors with our expert cleaning and restoration services.

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Personalizad Service 

Our certified technicians have the expertise to restore your old, weary floors to their original charm, servicing a range of materials from vinyl and ceramic to hardwoods.


If your grout has lost its initial gleam, our high-pressure system can restore its original condition and colour, and then seal it to prevent future staining.

Reach out to us for a free estimate and allow us to restore the youthful allure of your hard floors.

We are constantly improving our cleaning systems. 

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