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Floor Mopping

Floor Care Services | Denver, CO 

Floor Care

Where Do We Offer Our Services 

What We Do

We help you Maintain A Clean Floor 

Our team of expert professionals provides outstanding floor care, utilizing advanced techniques and the latest technology. Our comprehensive services encompass stripping, waxing, buffing, and polishing floors, focusing not only on achieving flawless cleanliness but also on enhancing and preserving floor durability.

Each type of flooring demands a specialized approach; therefore, we customize our strategies to suit the specific needs of diverse flooring materials, including hardwood, tile, vinyl, and carpet. We are committed to revitalizing your floors, restoring their natural beauty and shine with our professional expertise and top-tier equipment.

Our Cleanin Service

Your Clean Business, Is Our Business


Lottus Cleaning Services

Cleaning Company in Denver, CO 

Experienced Team 

Trust our trained professionals for unparalleled cleaning services, ensuring your areas shines.

Easy Appointment Booking

Real-time availability and instant estimates are just a few clicks away.

Insured & Licenced

Lottus Services values your trust. Our rigorous hiring process ensures only reliable & thoroughly professionals 


We prioritize clear communication for top-notch service, providing user-friendly channels to maintain high standards.

Premiun Hard Floor & Restoration 

Stem Treatment

Tailored to your needs 

Finished Floors

Rejuvenate Floors 

We rejuvenate your floors. Despite years of wear and tear revealing scuffs, stains, or discoloration, our team can effectively restore most hard floors, eliminating the need for costly replacements.


If replacement is necessary, our honest, transparent advice will guide you towards the best course of action. Our ultimate goal is to maximize the lifespan of your hard floors through expert cleaning and restoration services.

Janitorial Cleaning Spa

Personalizad Service 

Our certified technicians are skilled in restoring your old, weary floors to their original charm, handling a variety of materials including vinyl, ceramic, and hardwood.

If your grout has dimmed from its original brilliance, our high-pressure cleaning system can revive its condition and color, then seal it to prevent future stains.

Where We Service

Where We Service

The Denver Metro Area

Lottus Cleaning Services Logo

Head Office

Denver, CO 

Aurora, CO

Arvada, CO


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 303-601-6887

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