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Janitorial Services in Denver, CO


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Wiht over four years of expertise along Colorado´s Front Rage 

Lottus Cleaning Services has earned its reputation as a reliable provider of commercial cleaning solutions tailored to the diverse needs of businesses large and small. Recognizing that requirements vary by industry and company size, we customize our cleaning strategies to align perfectly with your unique demands.

Rely on our A+ Better Business Bureau rating and proven track record to craft a cleaning regimen that precisely fits your business's needs.

We proudly serve a variety of industries:

If you're in the Denver Metro Area and seeking exceptional cleaning services, don't hesitate! Reach out to Lottus Cleaning Services now, and let our seasoned professionals ensure your space is not only clean but also welcoming. We're just a phone call away!

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Lottus Cleaning Services

Cleaning Company in Denver, CO 

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Trust our trained professionals for unparalleled cleaning services, ensuring your areas shines.

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Real-time availability and instant estimates are just a few clicks away.

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Lottus Services values your trust. Our rigorous hiring process ensures only reliable & thoroughly professionals 


We prioritize clear communication for top-notch service, providing user-friendly channels to maintain high standards.

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Who We Service
  • Do you provide cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties?
    Yes, we certainly do. At Lottus Services, we're equipped to handle both residential and commercial cleaning. Our expert team understands the unique needs of homes, offices, and various other commercial properties. We provide tailored cleaning services to ensure that your specific space, whether it's a home, an office, or a retail store, is clean, tidy, and welcoming. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and create a clean environment for you, your family, or your employees.
  • Are your cleaners insured and bonded?
    Yes, the safety and peace of mind of our clients is our utmost priority. At Lottus Services, all our cleaners are fully insured and bonded. We follow a thorough vetting process for our staff to ensure that they are not only skilled in delivering top-notch cleaning services but are also trustworthy and reliable. Your property is in safe hands with our professional team.
  • Do you use eco-friendly cleaning products?
    Yes, at Lottus Services, we are committed to maintaining environmentally friendly practices. We use eco-friendly cleaning products that are not only effective but also safe for both the environment and the people in your property. Our green cleaning methods are designed to provide a thorough clean while reducing the impact on the environment. We believe in delivering a clean and healthy space for you without compromising the health of our planet.
  • Can you accommodate special requests or custom cleaning plans?
    Absolutely! At Lottus Services, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and commitment to meeting our clients' unique needs. We understand that each property is different and may require a tailored approach. Whether you have specific areas you want us to focus on, or require unique cleaning procedures, we're more than happy to accommodate your requests and create a customized cleaning plan for you. Please feel free to discuss your specific needs with us.
  • What type of cleaning services do you offer?
    At Lottus Services, we offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services tailored to your needs. This includes: -Commercial and office cleaning -Floor care -Disinfection and sanitization -Eco-friendly green cleaning -Window cleaning -Building maintenance. Our expert team is trained to handle a variety of settings, from warehouses and retail spaces to residential buildings, healthcare facilities, and apartment complexes. We're committed to providing a clean, tidy, and welcoming environment for all our clients.
  • What is your process for booking and scheduling cleaning services?
    You can book and schedule cleaning services through our website or by contacting us directly. We'll ask for basic information about your property, the cleaning you need, and your preferred date and time. Once we have this information, we'll provide you with a quote and schedule the cleaning services.
  • Do you provide supplies and equipment?
    Yes, at Lottus Services, we provide all the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment required to perform our tasks. We believe in offering a full-service experience to our clients, so you don't have to worry about any additional logistics. Our team comes prepared with effective, high-quality, and, where possible, eco-friendly products and professional equipment to ensure we deliver top-notch cleaning results.
  • What are your hours of operation?
    Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8 am to 17pm in residential, customs for janitorial service. We are flexible and can accommodate special requests for weekend cleaning or extended hours.
  • How long has Lottus Services been in the commercial cleaning industry, and do you have experience with businesses similar to mine?
    Lottus Services is proud to have been a trusted name in the commercial cleaning industry for over three years. During this time, we have gained extensive experience and specialization in a variety of business environments. Whether your company is a small office, a large retail space, a medical facility, or an educational institution, we have the expertise to cater to your specific cleaning needs. Our team is well-versed in handling the unique challenges and standards required in different settings. By choosing Lottus Services, you're not just getting a cleaning service; you're partnering with professionals who understand the nuances of commercial cleaning across diverse industries.
  • Can you elaborate on the quality control and consistency measures in place at Lottus Services? Will the same team of employees consistently clean our facility?
    Lottus Services takes great pride in our quality control processes to ensure consistent and high-standard cleanliness across all client facilities. We have a systematic approach to quality assurance which includes regular inspections and client feedback mechanisms. Our teams follow a detailed checklist tailored to each client's specific needs, ensuring that all areas are addressed thoroughly during each cleaning session. Regarding consistency in our workforce, we strive to assign the same team of cleaners to a facility for each visit. This approach allows our staff to become familiar with the specific requirements and preferences of each location, leading to more efficient and personalized service. In the event of staff changes or absences, our well-trained floaters step in to maintain the same level of quality and attention to detail. Our aim is not just to clean but to build a lasting relationship with our clients based on trust, consistency, and impeccable service standards.
  • What is the pricing structure for Lottus Services, and are there any additional costs such as for supplies or travel?
    At Lottus Services, we aim to provide transparent and flexible pricing tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our pricing structure is designed to offer options that best suit different requirements and budgets. We offer several pricing models: Hourly Rate: Ideal for smaller or less frequent cleaning tasks, where clients pay for the services based on the time spent cleaning. Per Service Rate: This option is suitable for specific cleaning tasks or one-time services, priced individually based on the nature and scope of the job. Flat Fee: For regular and ongoing cleaning services, we offer a flat fee arrangement. This provides consistency and predictability in billing, especially beneficial for businesses that require routine cleaning services. Regarding additional costs, we are upfront about any extra charges. Our quotes typically include the cost of cleaning supplies and equipment, as we bring our own high-quality, eco-friendly products and tools. However, if there are unique circumstances, such as significant travel distances or specialized cleaning requirements, any additional fees will be clearly communicated and agreed upon in advance. We believe in providing value and quality in our services, ensuring our clients receive the best care without hidden costs. Our goal is to work with you to find a pricing solution that aligns with your cleaning needs and budget.
  • What methods and products does Lottus Services use for disinfection and sanitation, especially in high-touch areas?
    Lottus Services takes disinfection and sanitation very seriously, particularly in high-touch areas that are crucial for maintaining health and safety. Our approach includes the following methods and products: EPA-Registered Disinfectants: We use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered disinfectants that are proven to be effective against a wide range of pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi. These products are selected for their efficacy and safety, ensuring they are powerful against germs but safe for people and the environment. High-Touch Area Focus: Our cleaning protocols pay special attention to high-touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, and other frequently used areas. We ensure these surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected regularly to reduce the risk of germ transmission. Advanced Techniques: We employ advanced cleaning and disinfection techniques, such as electrostatic spraying, for comprehensive coverage. This technology allows us to evenly distribute disinfectants over surfaces, including hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a thorough disinfection process. Regular Training and Updates: Our team regularly receives training on the latest guidelines and best practices in disinfection and sanitation. This includes staying updated on the recommendations from health authorities and adapting our methods as needed. Customized Solutions: Understanding that different businesses have unique needs, we work closely with our clients to develop customized disinfection plans. This may involve specific products or techniques tailored to the nature of the business and the client's specific requirements. Safety and Compliance: Safety is our top priority. All our disinfection practices comply with health and safety regulations, ensuring the well-being of your employees, customers, and our staff. By combining effective products with meticulous cleaning practices, Lottus Services ensures that your business environment is not only clean but also hygienically safe, contributing to the health and well-being of everyone in your facility.
  • How does Lottus Services manage communication with clients, particularly in terms of responsiveness and handling requests or changes in services?
    At Lottus Services, we prioritize effective and efficient communication with our clients as a cornerstone of our service. We understand that timely and clear communication is crucial in the cleaning industry. To facilitate this, we have established multiple channels of communication, including phone, email, and a client portal, ensuring that our clients can reach us easily and conveniently. Our dedicated point of contact is responsible for maintaining continuous communication with our clients. They are trained to respond promptly to any inquiries, requests, or changes in services. This approach ensures that any client feedback or special requests are addressed quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we have a system in place for regularly updating clients about the status of their cleaning schedules and any changes or improvements in our services. Our goal is to keep our clients well-informed and involved, ensuring a partnership based on transparency and mutual trust. We also encourage regular feedback from our clients to continually improve our services and adapt to their evolving needs. This ongoing dialogue helps us to maintain high standards of service and client satisfaction.
  • Does Lottus Services provide its own cleaning supplies and equipment?
    Yes, Lottus Services fully equips our teams with all necessary cleaning supplies and equipment. We understand the importance of convenience and readiness in delivering our services. Our clients can rest assured that every cleaning session is performed using high-quality, professional-grade equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products. This approach not only enhances the effectiveness of our cleaning services but also ensures a safe and eco-conscious environment for our clients and their spaces. By providing our own supplies, we take one more worry off your shoulders, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free cleaning experience every time.
  • What measures does Lottus Services take in terms of background checks and training for its employees?
    At Lottus Services, we understand the importance of trust and safety in commercial cleaning services. To ensure the highest standards, all our employees undergo rigorous background checks before joining our team. This process includes criminal background checks, employment history verification, and reference checks. In terms of training, our staff receive comprehensive instruction in both the technical aspects of cleaning and customer service excellence. Our training program includes on-site training, where new employees work alongside experienced staff to learn our methods and standards. We also provide ongoing training to keep our team updated with the latest cleaning techniques and safety protocols. This approach ensures that our team is not only trustworthy but also highly skilled and knowledgeable in delivering top-tier cleaning services. By prioritizing thorough background checks and extensive training, we strive to provide our clients with peace of mind and confidence in our services.
  • Can you tell me about the insurance coverage Lottus Services has, and do you offer any service guarantees?
    Lottus Services is fully insured to provide our clients with peace of mind and assurance. Our insurance coverage includes general liability insurance, which protects against any potential incidents or accidents that may occur during our cleaning services. Additionally, we have workers' compensation insurance to safeguard our employees in case of any job-related injuries. Furthermore, Lottus Services is committed to delivering the highest quality of cleaning services. To this end, we offer a service guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of our service, we encourage you to contact us immediately. We are dedicated to rectifying any issues swiftly and ensuring your complete satisfaction with our work. Our goal is not only to meet but to exceed your expectations, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in commercial cleaning services.
Where We Service

Where We Service

The Denver Metro Area

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